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Body Sculpting Bromley

Whether your goal is to tone and tighten or lose weight, our non-invasive services are designed to deliver results.


About Us

Who are we? 

LashLee Sculpt is fully insured and specialises in non-surgical body sculpting treatments. Our passion is to not only help you look great but for you to also walk away from the treatment room feeling relaxed, full of confidence and absolutely amazing.

Serene Environment

Discover serenity at our body sculpting spa, where tranquility and transformation unite in perfect harmony.

Personalised Treatment

Experience personalised bliss at our spa, where treatments are tailored to your toning, sculpting and unique needs.

Bromley Based

We are right at your doorstep. Experience the epitome of indulgence without leaving your beloved town.


Body Sculpting

Body contouring, or body sculpting, targets and shrinks fat cells in the body without surgery. It allows you to shape and lose stubborn fat in areas such as the upper arms, abdomen, hips, and thighs.

Not only does body sculpting help destroy fat, but it also reduces cellulite, promotes healthy blood circulation, and strengthens connective tissue.

This procedure is great for those who are close to their ideal weight, but have parts of their body they’d like to shape, tighten, tone, or define a little more.


Advantages Include:

  • More defined, well-shaped body parts.

  • Younger, thinner appearance.

  • Smoother skin.

  • Symptomatic improvement.

Fat Reduction

Non-surgical and minimally invasive options for fat reduction include technology that uses heat, cooling or an injected medication to reduce fat cells. While none of these treatments are a replacement for liposuction, they provide options for patients unwilling or unable to undergo surgery. Non-surgical fat reduction options use a variety of modalities


What Others Are Saying?

I was very happy with my results over the course of 3 treatments, I feel more confident as summer is approaching! It is very important to ensure you drink plenty of fluids as this will help flush out any toxins.

Tosha E.

I was very kindly gifted a course of cellulite reduction with @lashleesculpt.  The experience was amazing, it felt like a relaxing massage! This technique helps and supports lymphatic drainage which reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Janay A.
​2 Service Combo 

Save More
Get More

Save more when you get the 2 service combo.

Get any two body sculpting services for as many sessions as you want and save more.

LashLee Sculpt's got You

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